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Presidental Hygiene

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I have mentioned on many occasions that it becomes chillingly evident that vampires really haven’t left us and while there are many people that will laugh at the concept, perhaps we have misjudged the possibility and that the mythologies have actually been wrong about such bloodthirsty creatures.

There has been this curiosity as of late about the undead and how they would behave in a contemporary setting. While it may sound a bit cranky to say that all of the so-called vampire stories that are spun in Hollywood are predictive programming, there has to be a reason why we are being sold on the idea that the modern vampire is a misunderstood creature and that we must have sympathy for the devil and his decisions to attack and kill innocent prey.

The idea of vampirism has gone viral, but not like it was in the 18th century. The vampire in those times was a highly feared phantom and by the 19th century was a sophisticated creature that shared its company with heads of state, royalty and nobility. It was often said that the vampires were so far entrenched in the nobility that royal families and those of superior bloodlines were most often accused of being vampires.

The vampires were said to have been ‘illuminated” initiates that had no regard for empathy or morality. They acted upon their animal nature realizing that they had an instinct for being predators and those who were not aware of the “secret” were the prey or the enslaved.

The way these beings gained their control was through the use of a “network” of others who also participated in abusing and traumatizing people, especially women and children.

If you follow the tenants of the ancient initiates, you will see that genealogy is valued and pedigree is investigated for the “bloodline” evidence of being predatory. It is the belief of the theistic Satanist that people are born with an insatiable appetite for blood and that we, the uninitiated, have been programmed not to kill, however the so called initiates have rejected that programming for a predatory and bestial nature.

Something they claim is in their blood, something they are born into.

Gandhi once said that “Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth” and even if you are the only one who sees the vampires you may want to search for others who see them as well.

If you draw from the contemporary fiction about vampires we see that they are alluring and they admit to their potential victims that they are bad for them. However, in a fit of Stockholm syndrome, we see the victim or the companion reach a point of empathy with regard to their predatory nature.

It is like the psychopath warning everyone that he has his moments of weakness and no one suspects that these moments include a masochistic view of everyone around him.

That is why we are so trusting of our leaders who are at best psychopaths and at worst a group of vampires who want nothing more to find an excuse to wage war against innocent collateral damage.

They find ways to reduce the value of life for those they wish to erase from the planet and if they can get the critical mass to agree they seal in blood a covenant of murder that they will say binds us together and that the trying times are the only times we see just how fit we are as a people.

We can’t be content with peace and tranquility, or pull together when things go right. We have to be told that we are only at our best when blood is shed or when tragedy strikes which, once again, seals the deal of a consensus persecution complex and soon a country who does not wish to wage war demands it and washes away their collective guilt in a sea of blood and fire.

It is a sick thought, but so easily entertained in a world that can’t stand the thought of life being sacred for all things. Life is only sacred for some things and some people, not all things and not all people.

AntiWar.com says, “Polling shows 74 percent of Americans think bombing Syria would be “unwise” and half of Americans believe the D.C. establishment wants war more than the public.

This speaks volumes. If there is any indication that contemporary vampires exist and that they wish to act against the people, this is the evidence.

This is no longer a fight between Republicans and Democrats. This is a fight for what is righteous and correct, far from what the vampires are pitching in Washington D.C.

Washington finally has their opposition and it is the majority of the American people.

This is exactly what they have ordered.

The country is now at a point where it is us against them and they are awaiting the spark that will light the fuse for civil upheaval.

Picture what you have seen in the old B-movies where the people are fully aware of the vampires that live in the castle on the hill and they arm themselves with pitchforks and torches in hopes that someone with the mallet and the stake gets through the garrison of werewolves to stop the insanity and bloodshed.

It is easily painted in a metaphor for those who don’t see it with eyes wide open.

There seems to be a question that no one asks with regard to the bombing of Syria and that is, while headline after headline is stating that Obama faces growing pressure to bomb Syria, the question is: Where does this growing pressure come from when the majority of Americans are opposing such an action?

Growing calls for forceful action are not coming from the people, so where does this pressure come from?

The Congress certainly cannot be bothered with public outcry and protest and even in the face of diplomatic solutions provided by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the President still finds it necessary to address the American people with his final pitch that states that diplomacy is fair, but a couple of missiles mean business.

Of course, it means business; the war business and the pressure that Obama is receiving are from the vampiric war hawks that see money floating in rivers of blood and oil.

The vampires warn us of vampires and that a dangerous world exists and that it is in need of cleaning. A dangerous world only benefits that military industrial complex and not the people.

Looming bogeymen and imaginary monsters justifies massive budgets meant to sustain the intelligence and military agencies. We know this and we speak against it and yet the pressure to continue the mass slaughter comes from some source.

Once again, it has to be asked: Who is forcing the pressure on the President or any other leader to prolong the open-ended war – and for what purpose?

We can speak of a metaphorical Satan pulling the strings in any evil activities, but there are men who choose to drink the blood of the innocent and it is those men we need to unveil and remove from their seats of power.

The national security infrastructure that exists outside of government is also working fro the vampire elite. We see that bones and blood make great bargaining pieces for defense contractors and academic think tanks that are commissioned to write psychographic studies promoting a healthy dose of dystopian acceptance.

Just enough to not be detected, otherwise the truth about the vampiric actions of the elite would be revealed in a ray of sunlight capable of turning all that they wish to promote into dust.

We are told that all that we are seeing can be attributed to incompetence and ineptitude and while it was supposed to work as an excuse for the draconian moves of the Bush administration, the Obama administration cannot fall back on excuses of idealism, and looking out for positive change when a world war means mutually assured death in a world of trigger happy terrorists.

The Obama administration has been very adept in creating an atmosphere of oppression and a nightmarish Orwellian state. With doublespeak about the surveillance state, his hatred of whistleblowers and his ability to convince Americans that citizen journalists should be vilified because of their ability to expose his warrant disregard for liberty, President Obama has sharpened his smile and polished his Nobel Peace Prize while being deceitful, and even unlawful.

Now he has to decide to go to war amidst pressure from some unknown source.

He has decided to put us on a path that has not been lit or charted and so it would become an odds on favorite to fall off the straight and narrow and put us on a dangerous and unnecessary war path.

Americans who support the attacks in Syria have a preconceived idea that going to war is nothing more than the United States sending over some bombers, some cruise missiles, and a bunch of troops.

They have the attitude that we can go in, kick ass and take names. Reality is far more gruesome, we do go in , kick in doors and take lives. People play dumb and say that the benefit in any of the carnage is the removal of a people who worship differently, or people that regard life as cheap and therefore we are doing them a favor.

However, this type of thought was a remarkable tool to convince Germans to accept the blood covenant of their government exterminating Jews and many others that they did not agree with.

We were told “never again” and yet we see it “ever after” as minds are easily programmed into thinking that danger looms at every corner and that the attitudes of extremism of the minority are the same for the majority which is enough to demand that they all die because we somehow know that they wish the same for us.

The truth is we don’t know that this is how they feel. For every American that believes they know the Koran, they are better served by reading their own bibles and being consistent with the view that their God spoke of forgiveness and turning the other cheek.

However, we hear of the enormous pressure from yet an unnamed source that waging war is the best solution in the current situation. If the savior of the bible is said to be the source of peace and forgiveness then perhaps it is now obvious who the source of pressure is for Obama to bomb Syria.

I will give you the honor of figuring it out.