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Witchcraft, Loneliness, Church and the Jezebel Spirit


Jonas Clark’s latest on the Jezebel Spirit

Witchcraft, Loneliness, Church and the Jezebel Spirit

Spiritual Warfare and Prayer

The Jezebel spirit releases witchcraft against your mind and emotions. The purpose of the witchcraft is to wear you down little by little in an effort to control your life. Witchcraft is one of the demon spirits in Jezebel’s network.

When you first meet Jezebel she is kind, flattering, and ministered to something inside you. She solved problems, came up with ideas and offered valuable insight. You felt that finally someone really understood you. You found a friend and companion. As time went by something happened, Jezebel changed. She turned on you with cold shoulder instead of a warm smile. Imaginations ran wild and you wondered what you did. Rejection, hurt, puzzlement, and pain surface from within. You are now ready for Phase Two of Jezebel’s control.

For a person to be overcome by the Jezebel spirit they must fulfill certain conditions. Through witchcraft the Jezebel spirit wants you to “give ground”. That means you slowly but surely give way to Jezebel’s influence.

The Jezebel spirit wants to steal your will to make decisions on your own. This is a “process” that takes time to accomplish. First, Jezebel uses seduction. Seduction most always comes through some form of flattery. Flattery is a complement or something that makes you feel good about yourself. Everyone likes a pat on the back for a job well done but it’s the motive behind Jezebel’s complement we must discern.

Jezebel’s witchcraft is looking for “something in you” to grab hold of. In the process of time Jezebel becomes someone you admire and a companion that you look to for counsel. Little by little she becomes your teacher and instructor while helping you make decisions. You see her as offering spiritual insight, counsel, wisdom, direction, and security. She may even give prophetic words of confirmation and direction. But, as already said, then one day something changes and confusion hits your mind, condemnation begins to set in, you feel insecure, tired, emotionally drained and ready to give up. You stop making decisions on your own and look to Jezebel to make decisions for you. Something is happening to you. You notice Jezebel has replaced all other authority figures in your life including friends, parents, spouse and pastor. Bit by bit you feel the strength drained out of you, everything is your fault. Jezebel wants to know everything. She calls, she doesn’t call. You text her but she doesn’t respond. Information that once fueled her to help is now used to beat you up until finally you give up and surrender your will. Jezebel’s witchcraft has finished its job. You are now Jezebel’s eunuch. Your life is not your own.

Jezebel’s eunuchs want to be controlled. Eunuchs don’t want godly counsel or wisdom they want someone to make decisions for them. This is the fruit of Jezebel’s witchcraft because eunuchs have given up their wills to the Jezebel long ago. Eunuchs just look for another controller.

Eunuchs surrender their will to Jezebel and allow her to make final decisions. As the witchcraft beats you down you slowly give ground. A Christian should surrender only to Christ not to Jezebel. Jezebel’s witchcraft releases confusion, loss of personal identity, and emotional dullness. The dullness is similar to a drunken stupor.


Some ask if they should stay in a church when the leadership has a Jezebel spirit. Let’s ask some practical questions. Why should someone stay? Why should someone leave? What would be the result if you left or if you left and a family member stayed? Here are some testimonies from those that struggled with the decision.

Patricia wrote that her “family left a church that had the Jezebel spirit in leadership. We confronted it but it was always swept under the rug so we left after much prayer. Since then the family has grown spiritually and is being used mightily!”

Another writes, “It depends on the circumstances. In my experience our pastors were under the influence of Jezebel and had many eunuchs. The Holy Spirit revealed truth to me. My husband was seeing things but was not able to accept it and put it all together so I had to stand in battle for two years praying for God to reveal truth to him. I could not leave because Jezebel had already tried to interfere in our marriage and if I had left who knows what would have happened to our marriage and family. So I dug in my heels, stood and fought because this demonic wicked spirit was not getting my husband and it wasn’t getting my family. I kept my kids with me on the pew out of their reach and stood in battle during every church service praying for my husband and others in the congregation. This is a short version but there are cases when you have to stand and fight because if you walk away then you leave those who do not see the truth in the hands of the wicked.”

Jamie said, “I left a church that had a spirit of control. You felt the life sucked out of you but I also knew I needed to be led by the Holy Ghost to leave. God did lead and amazing doors opened for me. I needed to be led by Holy Spirit to leave, just to know I was in the will of God and not be tormented after. David served Saul even when Saul was under the influence of an evil spirit. Having that said, Jesus taught not to tolerate the Jezebel spirit.”

Some won’t confront the Jezebel spirit because they don’t like confrontation. That’s normal because no one does but you can’t ignore this spirit. Sometimes it takes confrontation to get free. No one should let devils control their lives. “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). Don’t take this the wrong way but staying in a church with Jezebel leadership is a spiritual death sentence. Life is too short to put up with spiritual abuse. If you are in a church controlled by the Jezebel spirit get out now and don’t look back.


The Jezebel spirit will target the lonely. Helping people is a Christian trait. Reaching out to the lonely with the wrong motive is not. Every minister should point people to Christ, the author and the finisher of their faith. Jezebel creates codependent followers through emotional manipulation. Emotional manipulation is witchcraft in operation. Jezebel doesn’t point people to Jesus, she talks about Jesus. She points people to herself. Here are testimonies of lonely people that have met a Jezebel spirit.

“I met a gal during one of the worst times in my life that helped me tremendously. Over time I felt controlled and saw how she used helping me as a way to make her feel good. Her temperament at first was meek and kind. Underneath, however, she was passive aggressive.

As time went by I started to become confused, angry and frustrated from her mixed messages. I could feel her control. At one point I told her she had a religious sprit, was anorexic, and needed help. I pulled away. Even now it is difficult cutting away because she was so kind. I have a hard time saying she had this spirit but she was so calculating. Even writing this I’m feeling frustrated and angered again. I told her we could not fellowship unless she got some professional help. She has brain knowledge without spiritual freedom. I don’t think she tries to control me deliberately. She was sexually abused and hates herself. She was also raised in religion.”

Feeling sorry for people can be a trap so can loneliness. Minister to people as “unto the Lord.” Again, motive is important. Keep it pure. Point people to Jesus as “author and finisher of their faith.”

“I was lonely and Jezebel beat me down emotionally. I am a firm believer that people need people. But the Jezebel spirit wants to control and create codependency. When control entangles a relationship you have to pull away. You can tell something is wrong when you start feeling drained. Jezebel will zap the energy right out of you. I have moved to another city and feel lonelier than ever. This is a trap for me because I need a friend.”

The witchcraft control from the Jezebel spirit lingers. Use your spiritual authority to use the Name of Jesus and break the influence. Jezebel has several faces. When she manifest you need to leave the relationship.

“When I was at a low point in my life and feeling lonely that’s when Jezebel entered my life. At first she seemed like the perfect friend and an answer to prayer. As time went by she slowly changed and started putting me down and being cold with me. She was warm one day and cold and witchy the next. She was kind of like Jekyll and Hyde. I don’t think she deliberately set out to hurt me. I just think it was the spirit controlling her and I know she had issues such as being sexually and possibly emotionally and physically abused as a child. I still pray for her that she finds freedom.”

If you are the sort of person who does not make friends easily and struggles with rejection you are vulnerable to people who carry the Jezebel spirit. Stay away from this “witchy” spirit.

“I have had the same experience even to the point where this person wanted control of my finances and would abuse me and my children. It took me years to recover from the hurt and pain of that situation. I had to ask the Lord to help me forgive this person for what it did to me and my family. The list goes on and on.”

It’s clear that the Jezebel spirit releases witchcraft against your mind and emotions. Don’t give into this spirits manipulation. Stay away from Jezebel’s network.

Your partner,

Jonas Clark


Discerning Jezebel’s Eunuchs


Discerning Jezebel’s Eunuchs

Spiritual Warfare and Prayer

You will meet way more of Jezebel’s eunuchs than Jezebel. A Jezebel eunuch has no “spiritual strength” of their own and is so controlled by the Jezebel spirit they will not think on their own but look to the controller for instruction, direction, approval, identity, validation, and assignments.

The Jezebel spirit has servants, messengers and guards. The Holy Spirit is saying, “It’s time for the eunuchs of Jezebel to consider their ways.” Discover what a 21st century eunuch of the Jezebel spirit looks like and why you must guard yourself from becoming Jezebel’s wicked assistant.

When Jehu attacked the house of King Ahab to destroy his rule, Jezebel, his wife, painted her face (symbolic of deception) and looked at Jehu through a window. Jehu, a warring apostle, looked up at her, noticed two or three eunuchs standing by, and commanded them to throw the evil queen down (2 Kings 9:30-33). Notice the location of the eunuchs — the Jezebel spirit‘s bedchamber.

The Church is in a time of restoration through reformation, transition, and the establishment of apostolic order. This apostolic order is the prerequisite to the appearing of the glorious Church and the restoration of the tabernacle of David (Ephesians 5:27; Acts 15:16). Before the completion of an apostolic order, however, there are things that can no longer be tolerated in the Church of Jesus Christ, such as:

  • Enemies like Tobiah whom Nehemiah threw out of the house of God      because of the ungodly association and position given him by the priest      Eliashib (Nehemiah 13).
  • Merchandising prophets such as the prophet Balaam that was hired to      curse Israel (Numbers 22).
  • The spirit of Jezebel that seduces, deceives, and murders      the true prophetic voice.

Eunuchs (servants) of Jezebel.

The Holy Spirit is not only dealing with the Jezebel spirit, He is also dealing with her eunuchs. There should not be any confusion when speaking of a Jezebel eunuch. We are not talking about a literally castrated male. We are talking about a person that has no “spiritual strength” of their own and is so controlled by Jezebel they will not think on their own but look to the controller for instruction, direction, approval, identity, validation, and assignments. You will meet way more Jezebel eunuchs than Jezebel.

Those who refuse to repent are destined for tribulation. Jezebel’s eunuchs serve at least 11 functions for their wicked spiritual mother.


Jezebel uses eunuchs to carry her messages, perform errands, deliver letters, invitations and spread the word. Eunuchs are official couriers and bearers of news. A Jezebel spirit prefers to use a eunuch envoy to deliver her message to you rather than coming herself.


Much like sold out Christians are ambassadors for Jesus Christ, eunuchs are authorized as official agents and delegates of Jezebel. And just as we possess certain characteristics of Christ, the Jezebel spirit‘s representatives carry her character and spirit. When Jezebel can’t or doesn’t want to attend a meeting look for her eunuch representatives.


Eunuchs are full-time students of Jezebel’s teachings. When faced with the truth of Scripture the Jezebel eunuch will run to Jezebel for her perverted twist and bedeviled interpretations. Since Jezebel is a teacher her students look to her for biblical definition and meanings.


Jezebel eunuchs watch out for, protect, defend, and alert Jezebel of impending harm. Like football players they block and run interference for those carrying the ball through the defensive line of the opposing team. As sentinels they anticipate attacks and watch for any encroachments on Jezebel’s territory of influence.


Eunuchs feel compelled to serve and meet even the most trifling needs of Jezebel. They are overly sensitive to her every whim like waiters at a five-star restaurant serving a head of State.


Jezebel eunuchs are the spiritual children of Jezebel oftentimes referring to her as their spiritual mother. Once I gave a ministry assignment to a young man whom I was mentoring in ministry. He told me that he needed permission from his spiritual mother (someone in another city) before he could do what I asked. In a separate incident a woman told me she had to check with an apostle (of another church) for permission to do what I asked even though she was no longer a member of that church. I recognized both of these people as Jezebel’s eunuchs and removed them from any leadership training. When you are part of a local church that set-man is your leader, if not then you need to leave.


Eunuchs are Jezebel’s intelligence agents who are secretly employed in espionage. Jezebel feeds on knowledge and uses eunuchs as operatives to gather vital information to maintain her control and influence. Many times I have seen her spies snooping around for information and asking questions that was none of their business.


Jezebel eunuchs have a misplaced devotion, commitment and loyalty to the purposes of Jezebel. They offer themselves freely with time and attention to her well being. They are strongly attached, zealous and devoted admirers of her. The word “devote” is from the Latin word devovere (de + vovere) meaning to vow. Thus, the devoted eunuch is one set apart, consecrated, and dedicated to Jezebel.


Jezebel’s eunuch is an armor-bearer. Like a squire that carries the armor of a knight, Jezebel’s eunuchs are always by her side carrying her armor and weapons. They are the “helpers of her warfare.”


Jezebel eunuchs are those castrated by the spirit of Jezebel. The Hebrew word for “eunuch” (cariyc) represents a castrated person and keeper of the bedchamber (chamberlain). This lack of spiritual strength is what allows Jezebel to draw the eunuch to begin with — and is what makes it so difficult for the eunuch to break free even after hearing the truth of their behavior.

My father purchased a fine looking stallion when I was a young man and my job was to take care of him. He was a magnificent Dutch Warmblood, quite valuable, with a strong back, hindquarters, and incredibly powerful. When we built the barn and horse stalls, the one prepared for the stallion had to be fortified because he had the strength to tear it apart at will. Unlike a dossal gilded horse that could be led around with a simple lead rope snapped to an eye-ring on a halter, this stallion required two chain leads wrapped solidly around his nose to walk him around. Like this stallion, God wants His children spiritually strong, full of His power and might. Jezebels’ eunuchs, however, are weak spiritually and dependent on her warring abilities. They are made completely reliant on her.


As chamberlains, Jezebel’s eunuchs are allowed unrestricted access into her private dwelling. One’s bedroom is the most private and intimate place in the home. Such access represents the intimate relationship the eunuch has with Jezebel.

The Spirit of God offers the same admonishment for both Jezebel and her eunuchs alike — repent. Scripture declares, “I gave her space to repent of her fornication” (Revelation 2:21). How long was that space? Only the Spirit of God knows that answer. Like Jehu of old my instruction to the eunuch is, “Consider your ways; stop serving Jezebel and throw her out of your life.” If you have been a Jezebel eunuch it’s time to ask Jesus for His forgiveness. The Word of God says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).


Eunuchs can break free from Jezebel and some do.

One Sunday at church Sarah had an incredible experience at the altar. The Holy Spirit opened her eyes to the deceit, control and manipulation that Phyllis had used to keep her isolated from others who could speak into her life. It was so dramatic that it was almost as though she had put Phyllis in the place of Jesus Himself. But now her eyes were opened. It was clear to her that she had to break free of Phyllis’s influence.

She confronted Phyllis and told her that she could no longer attend her Bible studies, and wanted to break away from their relationship. Phyllis was angry and told Sarah that she would be in great danger to do so. But it was too late for those types of false prophetic warnings. Sarah was determined to be free.

Sarah saw Phyllis in the grocery store about a year after she left the group. Sarah could still feel the spiritual pull from Phyllis. Today Sarah is still overcoming the time that she spent being deceived by the Jezebel spirit. The group broke up, but Sarah reports that Phyllis is still hopping from church to church looking for others who will feed at her table.

Scripture is very clear regarding those who refuse to repent of operating with a Jezebel spirit, “Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds” (Revelation 2:22). This decree of tribulation by Jesus, our Chief Apostle, was not only directed to those operating by a Jezebel spirit but also to those who “commit adultery with her” — Jezebel’s eunuchs. The word “tribulation” (thlipsis) means the application of continuous pressure without relief from stress, grievance and trouble. The common stress and pressure from modern life is nothing compared to the pressure (thlipsis) the Holy Spirit allows on the unrepentant eunuchs of Jezebel; it is pressure without relief.


“And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works” (Revelation 2:23). “To kill her children” means anything that Jezebel gives birth to in her ministry will not stand and will be cut off by the Lord. When Jezebel’s ministry ends so does the ministry of the Jezebel eunuch.

Eric Hoffer wrote in “The Ordeal of Change”, “The substitute for self-confidence is faith; the substitute for self-esteem is pride; and the substitute for individual balance is fusion with others in a compact group.” A Jezebel then would build a small group of followers (Jezebel’s eunuchs) as a support group around its insecurities and anxieties. This is why Jezebel has a hard time submitting to spiritual authority like that found within local churches.

A Jezebel spirit can activate a dormant eunuch when building her network. That eunuch could be your friend or relative. Again, a Jezebel eunuch looks to that spirit for leadership, direction, instruction, and approval. Eunuchs need to be spoken to directly about their submission to Jezebel associations and influence.

For more information on the Jezebel spirit read my book Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War and break free from her control.


  • Notice the location of the eunuchs — Jezebel’s bedchamber.
  • The word tribulation (thlipsis) means the application of continuous      pressure without relief from stress, grievance and trouble.
  • Jezebel uses eunuchs to carry her messages, perform errands,      deliver letters, invitations and spread the word.
  • Eunuchs are authorized as official agents and delegates of Jezebel.
  • Eunuchs are full-time students of the teachings of Jezebel.
  • Eunuchs feel compelled to serve and meet even the most trifling      need of Jezebel.
  • Jezebel feeds on knowledge and uses eunuchs as operatives to gather      vital information to maintain her control and influence.
  • Eunuchs are those castrated by the spirit of Jezebel.
  • As chamberlains, Jezebel’s eunuchs are allowed unrestricted access      into her private dwelling.

Learn more about strategies to overcome the Jezebel spirit in my book: Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War.

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